One person helps another one person who needs help from others. This is a crowdfunding helping system. You can earn upto 500 crores.

People who are going to join in Rich Life mega help concept are referred to as joiners. To become a joiner, people should pay Rs. 600 to helper by cash deposit, bank transfer or any crypto currency.

Joiners can go to send help page and know the person to whom they have to send help. After knowing the details, they can talk to that person and get approval for sending help. If approved, joiner becomes helper after sending help. If not approved, Rs.200 will be deducted from the sponsor who sponsored the pin for the joiners.

When helpers withdraw, withdrawl fund will be placed in the last of the withdrawal queue. Joiners will send help to whom in the first of the withdrawal queue. SMS will be sent after receiving help from All Rich SMS panel with joiners details. You want to communicate with the joiner and get help.

There are four types of income system as follows: Level income, Referral income, Referral bonus, and Team Bonus. For more details visit Idealogy page

In case of joiners didn't get approval from the helper placed in top of the queue, Rs.200 will be deducted from joiner's sponsor. If a help at the top of the withdrawal queue is not received by the helper from the joiner, then that help will be deleted within 2 days and placed again at the top of the withdrawal queue. Helper will get help from another new joiner.

A queue with the helpers's withdrawal requests linked with joiner's help. Once the helper receives the help of Rs. 600 from the joiner after approval, all the income systems are activated as per plan.

In level income, 30% is for auto level upgrade and 70% for cash wallet. This process upto upgrade funds upto that stage.

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